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6 Things Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Needs To Have!

Marvel took a chance with Guardians of the Galaxy, and in true Marvel fashion, dominated 2014 with it. Although there were plenty of people hyped for its release, the film had a fair share of doubters as well. That wasn’t without merit, though, as the Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t as mainstream as most popular super hero films. Unless you were pretty deep into Marvel comics, you probably hadn’t heard of the Guardians until the film release. Maybe that lack of expectation is what made it so great. Regardless, I’ve got high expectations for the sequel, which releases on May 5th. Brilliant director and writer James Gunn is back at the helm, and hopefully he can deliver. In my opinion, here’s 6 things Guardians of the Galaxy 2 needs to have!

1. More Groot

baby groot dancing

There’s those who love Groot, and then there’s those who are wrong. Groot is one of the best parts of the original film, no questions asked. Groot is busting with unspoken personality, mainly due to his ability to only say three words (“I am Groot”). Leave it Groot’s voice actor Vin Diesel to pull so much emotion out of such a limited vocabulary. However, much of the cheerfulness of Groot involves his friendship with Rocket Racoon. With Groot now being a baby, we’ll see just how well Rocket handles it.

2. A Killer Soundtrack

guardians of the galaxy starlord walkman

Here’s the problem with doing something so well; if you ever do it again, you’ve set the bar pretty high. That’s exactly what’s going on with Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s soundtrack. The first film had a soundtrack that was nostalgic, catchy, and atmospheric. The soundtrack contributed just as much tone to the movie as the CGI, and that’s saying something. It was massively popular too, with soundtrack record sales booming after release. It was also a wonderful selection of music, and led to younger audiences being introduced to some great classics. With such a great predecessor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 needs to deliver on music.

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