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6 Things Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Needs To Have!

3. Space Battles

guardians of the galaxy spaceship

While the first film had some excellent space dogfighting scenes, I craved more. With character development already in the bag, hopefully there isn’t a huge wait until we’re back in the action. The original was almost perfect in its variety, but sprinkling in a few more high speed ship fights will seal the deal. Maybe it’s because of the recent amount of Star Wars films I’ve been seeing, but I can’t get enough of it.

4. Starlord’s Past

starlord showing middle finger

Most of the original film was compact, and wrapped up in a nice package. With most Marvel movies, there’s some overarching lore going on (more on that later), but Guardians 1 didn’t have too much of that. ¬†Instead, one of the biggest threads left open was that of Starlord’s parents. It’s the cliffhanger they left us with at the end of the first film, and hopefully it will play a big role in the second film. Peter Quill is not just some space pirate; he’s a very important guy. This ties into my next item pretty well….

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