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celine dion

“My Meme Won’t Go On” – the death of Celine a Scene

I’m Dave, I created the “Celine a Scene” Facebook page, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing freeze framed on this web article, here is my story… Back in July 2016, I came across an incredible video on Facebook, which kickstarted an amazing journey for me. You must have seen it; someone had taken the very […]

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6 Things Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Needs To Have!

Marvel took a chance with Guardians of the Galaxy, and in true Marvel fashion, dominated 2014 with it. Although there were plenty of people hyped for its release, the film had a fair share of doubters as well. That wasn’t without merit, though, as the Guardians of the Galaxy aren’t as mainstream as most popular […]

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